One Shot: Adrian Emerton.

One Shot: Adrian Emerton.

Mitch Blewitt and I are in the midst of shooting my feature length bodyboarding “The Chase” and as the name suggests, have been chasing waves up and down the east coast, trying to make the most of this swell abundant winter.

There are a few spots we regularly keep on our radar within a few hours drive of Sydney but this particular wave wasn’t somewhere either of us had surfed, although had known of it’s potential.

A touch on the low side by the time we’d paddled out, there were still a few gems to be had. With only a small crew of boogers on it already, there were plenty of waves to go around.

Mitch isn’t afraid to throw on the gath either, which makes a lot of sense considering the waves he likes to have a crack at.

Speaking of cracks, I’d knocked most of a tooth out the week prior coming in at a wave where Mitch and I faced a couple of challenges. 

An eventful winter so far and hoping the rest of the season continues to deliver the goods!

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