Hurley re-enters the bodyboarding marketplace.

Hurley re-enters the bodyboarding marketplace.

When was it that the big surf brands bailed out of little ol’ booging?

1998, 1999?

The years are beginning to bleed together with age.

Q-boards and their stellar team gone over night. Billabong taking the scythe to underclass on their team while the bigwigs survived a little longer. Rip Curl leaving Jason Hazle to brave the fridget waters of Victoria without a wetsuit sponsor. Kuta Lines, Gotcha, Life’s a beach. Drop, drop, drop.

Image: Bodyboard Museum.

For better or for worse we’ve been on our own ever since.

We’ll fear not those amongst you who pine for the return of reinvestment by big surf business back into the boogie realm.

The surf brand of choice for the Australian governments Hawaiian islands surf reporter and sometimes Prime Minister Scottie Mozzie Hurley have just dropped the bomb that they are going to produce their own line of ” performance” bodyboards in the looming future.

Sure they’ve recently been purchased from Nike by a predatory company named Bluestar whose business Modus operandi is to buy established brands, slap the company logo on anything and everything and then blow it out into department and chain stores, or in their words:

 “our team of experts embark on a complete and thorough understanding of the brand’s potential channels of distribution and price point strategies. We create tools such as brand development profiles, trend guides, style guides and marketing strategies. These marketing materials portray graphic illustrations and a strategic marketing road map to enhance consumer brand recognition.”

but it’s an exciting development none the less.

Looking at the concept art, they seem to be aiming to corner the market on the short statured, with 31′ 37′ and 41′ models, and the plus sized amongst us with a jump to a 44′ .

Strange perhaps that within this “performance” range with cool barrel or vaguely Rasta inspired slick designs that there isn’t a standard 42′ option, but we are haven’t completed our own strategic marketing road maps to enhance consumer brand recognition so they’re probably on the money with there sizing.

So keep an eye out in K-Mart in the coming months and you’ll be able to snap up a “performance” Hurley bodyboard and surf just like John John Florence if JJF rode a piece of shit EPS bodyboard manufactured in a some Industrial hell hole and hadn’t seen the writing on the wall and bailed off the brand the minute Bluestar took over.

Still, we wouldn’t be suprised to see Scott Morrison or his ilke lighting up the shorie in Cronulla or potentially even Hawaii again this summer on one of these bad boys.

More as the story develops.

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