Meme Lords.

Meme Lords.

By Dane Loomes.

What is a meme you ask? Good question.
A quick 0.43 second google search, supplied me with the online definition/s pictured above.
As well as 4,260,000,000 others….

I will admit that definition 1. threw me off a bit with the whole “non genetic means”.

Turns out that the term “meme” was originally something to do with genetics and evolution and all that sciencey stuff.

Being a short attention spanned Millennial who’s grown up with the internet, I skipped through it all and found Definition 2. to be the more fitting version of what I’d like to share with you today.

An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations”.

My first recollection of the meme world and bodyboarding worlds colliding was with the discovery of the Facebook page “booging memes”.

A page taking the piss on all things bodyboarding, established 2013, “Booging memes” touched on the joys of bodyboarding (doin innys, chargin bombies, bustin mad backies , and of course getting the lot on the goey), as well as the relative struggles we face as bodyboarders ( losing a fin in the shorie, working or hanging with the missus while the winds are offshore, and not being able to get a sponsor despite your vid containing 4 ARS’s, 8 rolls and 15 spinners).

I recall a couple of memes referencing infoamed’s own Dallas Singer, who was memed to be whipping up a deadly tornado with double rotation air reverses off the lip at boxy.

Dare I say, content which could be dubbed as classic or vintage, in the meme word of bodyboarding today.

It’s my understanding that the groms of today opt for other forms of social media than facebook, and that possibly a lot of the older generation would’ve missed this one too.

If that sounds like you, I highly suggest giving it a suss. The page may have been left abandoned for some number of years now, but dig through the archives for timeless booging meme humour.

For more recent boog meme submissions, we travel over to Instagram.

@Angusdangerzone & @Booglord2000 are two pages aimed at picking apart the pros on their kooky, sometimes eccentric or outlandish habits and traits.
As the booglord Bio reads, “No one is out of reach from the lords judgement”.

Fellow meme and news provider @Thedailybueg is another must view in the Instagram world of boog memes.
A satricle news corp, aimed at bringing you the most breaking boog stories as they develop…

On the topic of forefront boog news, I’d like to finish with the most recent boom in bodyboard meme creation.

Ben Severson 001 memes have thrashed the boog community pages of late.

There’s far too many to post them all on this thread but click the link below for a compilation of a few of my favourites which have flooded the news feed this last week, courtesy of the VBC Facebook page.

I also encourage you to post anything you think I might have missed, or your favourite Severson Memes in the comments section below…

We beugers can be a funny bunch.

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