Rumour Mill: The 001 Buyer.

Rumour Mill: The 001 Buyer.

Nothing like record price, a go between and a mystery buyer at an auction to get the rumour mill fired up.

Probably by now your aware that the mythical Ben Sevo 001 smashed right through the glass ceiling of price point and common sense on its way to the stratospheric price of $15,308 Aussie mulah.

We weren’t able to follow the auction live ourselves because the little play on words of  “Severson sells out “, alluding to the fact that Ben was selling his boards and that they were guaranteed to all sell out, on one of our previous articles earned a banning from the V.B.C. facey page and a few stiff messages of rebuke.

Still speculation is already running rife throughout the social media world about who said mystery buyer might be, and our Infoamed informants have been busy digging up some suspects.

The first name tossed forward was a squeaky voiced, Australian born, World Champion from the 1990’s.

Former baker and early adopter of online commerce Michael Eppelstun was the first name bandied forth.

Legend has it Eppo owned Ben 002, but it was stolen many moons ago, and what better replacement and upgrade than Ben 001. Doubtful when you consider the wages in disability care however.

However, squeaky voice Aussie World Champion from the 1990’s also throws up another possible mystery buyer.

You may have seen the picture below doing the rounds on Insta of the ” Raging Boog” Mark Occhilupo, who is often spotted in the Snapper line up proneing due to issues with his knees.

We all know that clueless kooks are easily sold on expensive gear they think will help them surf better, and what board that costs over $15 K could fail to improve your riding many fold. Taking a stardard board price in OZ as $400, Occy could expect an almost 37 and a half times improvement in his booging ability with this board.

Little Avalon’s Ben Player was also mentioned, but this can be quickly discarced as Ben is clearly too savvy a business man to waste this much coin on an old board, particularly with a distribution shed stock with the latest high performance sleds from NMD’s at his disposal.

Next we have both Nick Gibbs and Dave Winny on the chopping block, but as both residents of the Northern beaches North Coast campus of Byron Bay, these born again earth children would eschew spending so much on material possessions. Plus Winny has 6 kids, so he definitely doesn’t have disposable income to blow on shit like this.

But we are on the right track with long blonde haired, good looking residents of the Byron Shire.

Now we know it’s a smokey, but hear us out.

Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth got his big break playing high school student Kim Hyde on Australian soap opera “Home and Away”.

If you’ve ever looked closely in the background of those shots in the hallway in Summer Bay high you’ll have noticed bodyboard company stickers plastered on the lockers.

Prominently, BZ stickers.

Hemsworth is a well known beach goer and beach user.

He’s loaded.

Loaded people spend all kinds of stupid money on stupid shit they don’t really need because that’s what loaded people do.

Chris wants a booger for his kids coming into the summer months in Australia.

Chris remembers the BZ stickers on the lockers in “Home and Away”.

Chris sets out to find the most expensive BZ he can find, because that’s what loaded people do.

The most expensive BZ on the planet : the Ben 001.

$15,308 dollars later, he has it.

Case closed.

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