The BZ T-10 Prototype.

The BZ T-10 Prototype.

By Stu Knox.

Why would anyone pay A$1000 for a 30-year-old bodyboard, one that is more creased that Keith Richards’ face?

Firstly, It’s place in history is assured. We all know the BZ T10.

But many may not know that the T stood for template. Ben was experimenting with different templates and it was the 10th template that got it right, so the T10 was born.

But for me, there’s more reasons;

I got my first board in 1985 at 12yo.

Back then we had to pay a fortune to get Bodyboarding Magazine and I poured over the pictures of all the tope pros at the time.

I loved seeing Mike’s photos, but I somehow was drawn to Ben. Maybe it was because he was smaller and the way he grappled those massive 43” Mach 7-7s made me think I could too.

By the time the Ben boards were happening I was riding for Manta, as it turned out they were as far ahead with PP cores as BZ was with Arcel in their designs.

However, watching the Murray boys and others shredding it up on those classic BZ’s made me still want one.

Fast forward into the future and in 2018 I ordered a board from Basic customs that was a full T10 remake.

That thing was as fast as I had dreamed all those years ago and I was hooked.

To own the first ever T10 with all that history attached was too hard to say no to!

Then there is that iconic deck. Who from my generation didn’t dream of that big logo on their board, alongside the classic Body Glove and Local Motion stamps.

Those money shots at Sandy’s and I Don’t Knows covered my wall. A grom’s dream to have one of them on my own ride. To be able to own a board that had all those stamps is for me a dream come true.

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