Is Mike Team Infoamed?

Is Mike Team Infoamed?

By Dan Dobbin.

A few day’s ago we metaphorically re-imagined the Cold War in terms of two very different online competitions.

One has involved months of hard work, planning, strategizing and investment in the hope of creating a new way of fostering engagement with bodyboarding while offering the biggest prize reward seen in Bodyboarding for….ever?

The other involved a quick photoshop job and two guys who think it’s funny to see if people will drop in on their mates for a small cash amount.

In this scenario is the Bald Eagle of the United States with it’s overwhelming force projection abilities and is the Vietnamese farmer with his car tyre flip flops and AK-47.

Rocky Balboa Vs Ivan Drago.

Maverick vs one of the non descript bad guys he shoots down after overcoming his demons after the death of Goose.

Manifest Destiny vs Soviet Expansionism.

Not 24 hours after we posted the story , the greatest to ever do it partnerless missonary style in the ocean, Mikey Stews added the above image in his Insta story.

Given the timing of the post and his position firmly on the Libertarian Left / Watermelon side of the Political Spectrum graph, we are choosing to interpret this as either a covert statement from Mike that “I’m with you, comrades” or a signal that he needs rescuing from the clutches of the Petro-chemical oil shieks on which the bodyboarding industry depends.

Mike, if you’re reading this and do need rescuing, post the below image of you and Shawn Brilley in the barrel together at Pipe in your Insta story as a signal and we’ll summon the dad’s V.B.C. army to the rescue!

Given Mikes propensity throughout history to share waves with others under the guise of filming them, maybe this shouldn’t really come as a big suprise that he’s team Double Bubble.

All this does bleed into the larger riddle though of caring or not caring about the place of politics in sport.

Are you of the same mindset as conservative journalist Laura Ingraham who famously rebuked Le-Bron James by telling him to ” Shut up and dribble ” after he exercised his right to free speech and critiqued some of actions of the orange man in the White House?

Or do you believe that famous sports people should have just as much opportunity to make fools of themselves as the rest of us by speaking out about things they may or may not understand very well, like say, Israel Folua?

Would you like Garth McGregor to give his take on the ongoing war between Canada and Denmark over Hans Island, or Pierre to use his North African knowledge to offer solutions for the failed state that is Libya?

Visit the website below and take the test so you can apply an appropriate label to yourself and learn which bodyboarding website is best suited to your political beliefs.

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