The Double Bubble

The Double Bubble.

By Dan Dobbin.

The world, we are told, has never been more polarized, never before drifted to such extremes between ideological positions.

Debatable when you remember that within living memory the world was divided between two superpowers perched on the precipice of Mutual Assured Destruction for nigh on 45 years and if not for the disobedience of one Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov we’d be in the depths of our own post-apocalyptic thriller.

But, you know, whatever helps you whip up that righteous zeal you need to feel like you matter in this world, you soldier of injustice you.

Back to the Cold War, the world we remember was divided between the individualism of the Capitalist West, and the collectivism of the Communist East.

Capitalist theory 101 prostates that anything and everything can be assigned a dollar value and sold on the free market for a profit.

By now  I’m sure your aware of the amazing Short circuit competition being run by the good folk at Movement mag. You, Joe or Jane Public get to help assign a dollar value to a singular wave by casting your vote for the best wave ridden in a 6 month period.

Like any true Capitalist system it appears structurally designed to fleece the middle class to the benifit of the elite by dangling a Horitio Algers like myth of success and riches in front of the aspirational amongst the bodyboarding community.

For a small fee of $150, you 16 year old up and comer or mid thirties GoPro officianado really might stand a chance of besting Jeff Hubbard at Pipe or Pierre in Portugal if you can just find that one great breakthrough wave.

Well every Yin needs a Yang, an ideological opposite in order to balance the  human impulse of duality.

Which is why Infoamed is launching its Socialist inspired “Double Bubble ” challenge.

In the spirit of collectivism, we are encouraging you to share the resource of the barrel with your fellow ocean dwellers. Best video or photographic evidence of two humans double stuffing themselves into a wave passage together wins 50…dollars each.

The best part is you don’t have to pay to contribute to the prize pool. This is a good ol’ fashion Socialist government welfare hand out for not much effort!

So next time your mates sitting deep in the pit on the wave of the day, you can fade him, safe in the knowledge that your actually helping him out by giving both of you a shot at pocketing a pineapple each!

Simply tag us in your clip or shot to be in the running! Entries close at the end of October, or whenever our anarcho-syndicalist puppet masters tell us to.

Happy sharing!

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