“Responsible Stoke”

Uncle Mike on creating ” Responsible Stoke”.

By Dan Dobbin.

Firstly, if you haven’t already been listening to the fabulous Ocean Impact podcast series,well, um, start listening to the fabulous Ocean Impact podcast series.

The series has already featured bodyboarding luminaries like Ben Player speaking about his intimate relationship with a Cetacean and Josh Kirkman’s about his transition into Jacques Cousteau.

Jesting aside there is a strong bodyboarding connection within the Ocean Impact organization, with founder Tim Silverwood being a core bodyboarder himself and the aforementioned monsieur’ Kirkman acting as the podcasts producer.

Each episode focuses heavily on the guests relationship with the ocean and discussion around their areas of knowledge in relation to the hydrosphere.

The latest to drop features everybody favourite non scientist scientist Mike Stewart.

The central tenet of the chat resolves around the dichotomy in Mike’s life as what he quite openly calls his role as a ” purveyor of plastic” and his desire to be not just environmental neutral with his business, but environmental positive.

Delving into the design world, Mike posits the idea that it may be possible to use biochemical technology in the future to infuse boards with bone like structures for strength or natural fibres for lightness.

Mike riffs on the current difficulties that exist around recycling bodyboard materials, and potential ideas such as how future boards may actually be engineered to excreet positive resources like water and oxygen back into the biosphere as they breakdown.

The chat then pivots into how Mike structures his life in order to balance the business, family, health and performance aspects of his life.

Wrapping up in just over half an hour, it’s well worth the listen for any bodyboarder who has ever thought about the environmental impact that comes from the act of ocean interaction we all love.

Listen below.

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