The Ivory Coast Bodyboarding Club.

The Ivory Coast Bodyboarding Club.

For all the poo pooing and angst that social media often generates it’s easy to forget just how incredible it can be in allowing us to connect as human beings all across the globe.

This little story began with a random friend request through the ‘book from a young West African named Kouakou Kouakou. Through messenger we established that he couldn’t read English and my French was severely lacking! After series of bodyboard related image exchanges, I became aware that Kouakou was a member of the C.I.V. in the Ivory Coast.

Who’d have ever thunked that there was a keen crew of boogers kicking around the beaches of West Africa! After a little digging I was able to contact Rudy from the C.I.V. who most dutably provide us with the following run down of what the C.I.V. is all about.

The world, and bodyboarding, can truly be Amazing!

By Rudy Thomas.

The C.I.V (Côte d’Ivoire) Bodyboard Club was createed in 2014 by friends and fan of bodyboarding.

The Ivory Coast benefits from 560km of beachfront along the Atlantic ocean. The majority of the waved are beach breaks (with spots as Assinie, Bassam, Jacqueville), but also few point breaks (Drewin, la baie des Sirènes).

A few Europeans expatriates brought bodyboarding to the country during the mid 1980’s and it spread from there.

The main goal of forming the C.I.V. was to bring friends together to enjoy this sport we all love. We also hoped to create an avenue to push up youngs and locals to emulation the passion we have for bodyboarding.

We have a few competitions that we organise each year.

Amaury Lavernhe, the two times world champion has visited our club for two coaching clinics, which has really helped to improve the abilities of the riders in our area.

In the future we hope to create a bodyboarding federation for the Ivory Coast, similar to what has been achieved in neighbouring Senegal and hopefully one day one of our young locals will be able to participating in international competitions!

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