Severson Sells Out!

Severson Sells Out!

By Daniel Dobbin.


Here that?

That’s the sound of a significantly large portion of the Vintage Bodyboarding Collectors community soiling their panties at the news that Sensei Severson is putting a significant number of his private collection of personal boards up for auction.

From Instagram, Ben says ” Selling my collection so they can be enjoyed Ben 001 will be in the auction along with some historical board”

Now for those of you not in the VBC know, the Ben 001 is the very first BZ Severson signature board, basically the Holy Grail for the lifelong devotees or born again’s of the community.

Rumour has it Ben had previously pegged a price point of 15K before he’d consider parting with it.

At the time of writing a BZ T-10 Hull signature model had just been sold $2150.

Who said there’s no money in bodyboarding!

This does raise the rather perplexing question of why a 30+ year old board can fetch such a hefty price tag, when we are often recalcitrant to pay above $350 for a current high performance board?

Is nostalgia, once classified as a mental illness, really that powerful of a stimulant?

Are there now other former pro’s busily digging through garage’s across the globe hastily assembling there own collections for sale?

Has the bodyboarding world just stumbled upon a new income stream and spawned a new industry, that of the auction house?

More as the story develops….

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