One Shot: Caleb Nettle.

One Shot: Caleb Nettle.

Words and image: Caleb Nettle.

I don’t bodyboard myself but ever since my younger brother Isaac started he was keen for someone to shoot images and footage. I ended up buying a camera and have just fallen in love with the whole process of shooting, and especially the end results of the shots you can get!

This shot was from a typical Saturday morning. Myself, Chow and Isaac set out for the usual patrol of the local Wedge.

When we arrived it was so crowded that it did not look appealing at all for the boys to surf. As we all know having local knowledge is such an advantage in these kinds of situations. The call was made to take the treck to Wreck. Once we stumbling down the step goats track to the beach and it was sure looked worth it.

While it’s never as good as its more famous neighbours, the beauty of this beach is that your almost guaranteed to score it to yourselves!

The boys were out there, trying their best to navigate the heavy shorebreak and gnarly backwash powering through the line up. I actually feel like I probably missed plenty of backwash gems coming off the rocks as I was busy shooting the boys charging the Shorey foe the first part of the session.

I spotted what I hoped was the perfect opportunity with the waves and backwash about to collide, as the guys paddling back out into the line up.

I get the rig in position and pull the trigger, capturing a hectic sequence of the backwash doing it’s thing. The shot you see here is the best image from that line up. 

I don’t really have any mentors or photographers that I look up to or try to emulate, I’m just trying to get better every time I shoot!

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