Snapper Snavellers.

Snapper Snavellers.

By Dan Dobbin.

Image: @joshua.s.kirkman

Technology can be a wonderful and terrible little beast.

I stayed landlocked during the peak of the epic swell that smashed houses from headlands on the Central Coast and made heroes at Deadman’s.

Commitments, conditions and a newly manifested fear of being consumed by a now seasonally abundant Great White Shark population in my area meant that the ocean was aquitica non grata in my life this week.

And yet, and yet and yet.

And yet each afternoon I could watch members of the bodyboarding brethren get absolutely fucking funnelled at low tide Snapper via the power of social media.

Snapper has never really felt like it’s been on the menu for we of the prone persuasion. Too clogged with fibreglass, the above average chance of getting faded even if you can swindle one from the pack.

And yet.

And yet I got a dial up from one of my oldest and dearest mates raving about how he’d just witnessed the famous flamer Liam O’Toole bus driving his way through an 8, 10, 15 who knows how many second flat bottomed tube, casual as you like, totally locked in and flying past him. He was all but babbling trying to describe it. Bus driving! Tube! Seconds!

This, coupled with the daily pit porn was nearly enough to induce a strike mission. However the re-closure of the Queensland border and the acknowledged reality that non local nobody’s don’t rock up and take the gems from behind the rock put the kybosh on that.

Instead I lived vicariously through the footage of Mitch Rawlins, Josh Kirkman, Ash Bryant and young Marlon Riley going pipe for pipe down the Snapper sands.

Kirkman was kind enough to drop some insights on his the days snavelling Snapper:

I really rode the coat tails of Mitch Rawlins out there. Seeing him out there at the top of the pack with the full respect of the best surfers from there was akin to seeing Mike out at Pipe.

I grabbed a couple of the best barrels of my life on the bigger day of the last swell and if I wasn’t there with Mitch, there would be no way I would have had the opportunity to begin with.”

Like all social media offerings, I’m sure the reality was radically more bland and filled with frustrations and hassles than what gets cherrypicked to be posted. But when you fantasize about how it would be to luck into one of these Snapper sidewinders, it almost seems worth the risk.

The highlight of Pierre’s biopic film ” Tender” is almost universally acknowledged as the opening sequence on the point breaks of Morroco. In light of the insane footage generated at Snapper, does it not raise the question of whether more bodyboarding competitions could be potentially schedule at quality point breaks around the world when/if the world returns to normal after the fallout from the great pangolin kiss?

Anyway, Feast below.

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