One Shot: Ryan Cuthbert.

One Shot: Ryan Cuthbert.

By Ryan Cuthbert.

This image Id definitely one of my favourites. I’ve been shooting flash for about a couple of years now and find it extremely challenging in lots of different aspects. When you capture an image shooting flash it’s almost doubly rewarding as a normal shot!

The morning I nailed this shot I remember the alarm goin off at 5.00a.m. A quick check of the conditions through the power of the internets revealed light NW wind and some 3 foot or so of swell rolling in. Perfect, expect for the fact that it was 2 degrees outside!

I’ve had this image in my head that I wanted to capture for a quiet a while, based on the angle that the sun rises at this time of the year. This morning was a great opportunity to try to get it!

I Made my way down to this little sand bank that I knew had these perfect little right hand runners the afternoon before.

It was still dark as arrived and when I stepped ontothe sand it was like ice! I vaguely see those same rights running down the bank in the breaking pre-dawn light. As I got out there the sky turned this beautiful red rouge colour over Hams Headland.

I knew I didn’t have much time to capture the moment and almost on que the waves just stopped coming! For 5 or so minutes I sat in the freezing conditions just fuming, screaming, willing the waves to show up so I could have a chance at nailing this image. The early morning beach walkers must of been think ” Who’s this lunatic bobbing up and down in the freezing water screaming to himself”!

Just when I was giving up hope this one little wave popped up right on the money and just hit the sandbank so perfectly that I was able to capture this little gem. From rage to rejoicing in a matter of minutes!

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