Ozzie Club Comps Are Back!

Ozzie Club Comps Are Back!

Rider: @newwy_91

By Dan Dobbin.

Image: @iheathimages.

Momentum is a difficult thing to quantify. Early this year the bodyboarding competition scene in Australia felt like it was in a real upward swing. Despite the hiatus of the A.B.A Pro Tour for 2020, regional club membership numbers were well up on last year.

Clubs on the East Coast of Australia and beyond were coming together to begin coordinating standardized practices and share resources and ideas thanks to the hard work of Paul Van Den Boom and others over at the Bodyboarding Advocacy Movement.

Dan Leyshon’s fresh concept of Ranked Bodyboarding opened up the opportunity for riders across different regional clubs to compete against each other in a nationwide system. This would have delivered an overall champion, culminating in a final event in URBANSURF’s newly opened wave pool in Melbourne. Oh, and  50k of prize pool as an extra incentive.

Nhot Bhed.

Then in mid-May, Bill Gates, the United Nations, the Communist regime in China and the Illuminati worked together to enacted Agenda 21 with the aim of simultaneously creating a One World Government to subjugate humanity under an eco-totalitarian regime, boost corporate profits while introducing nano-technology to turn us all into cyborgs through mandatory vaccines, and stopping the re-election of baby Jesus’s most pious devotee Donnie Drumph.

Or a virus did what virus’s do and mutated to jump species and remind us all that a few parasitic strands of RNA/ DNA can really fuck up things up on a micro and macro level. Who can really be sure?

Anyway, we digress.

The good news is, despite the best efforts of the New World Order or natural selection, regional bodyboarding club competitions are back on!

Last weekend saw Perth’s Metro Boardriders hold their third round of the year.

Over on the more important East Coast, Sydney Bodyboard Club scored fun conditions a fortnight ago in their season relaunch, Maroubra Bodyboarders a week later. This weekend will see Cronulla Bodyboard Club, Port Stephens District Bodyboarders, Coffs Coast Bodyboarder Association, the newly resurrected Headlanders bodyboard club in Ballina and Gold Coast Bodyboarding Club all hit the go button on their respective club rounds in what should be epic conditions.

After such a pot holed start to 2020, here’s hoping that grassroots bodyboarding in Australia can recapture the momentum it had building before the ‘rona kneecapped late stage capitalism and sent the world into a spasm of social and political unrest not seen since  decolonization struggles in S.E. Asia led to the domino theory, woodstock, black power movements and COINTELPRO in the middle of last century.

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