Update: What is the Boxydog Up To?

Update: What is the Boxydog Up To?

By Matt McCann.

I’m down the south coast living out of my car chasing waves at the moment. I’m technically back living in the Nelson Bay, but I’ll be on the road for a while with no fixed address.

I’m between Centrelink and high school casual teaching at the moment so that’s keeping my funds going. Teaching has always been a reliable gig to go back to after travelling.

I was forced to come back from overseas in Armenia earlier this year due to Covid, so my plans are to get out of here as soon as possible and chase some waves and adventures in some more countries.

I’m hoping to get out of here by summer and skip the flat wave season in Australia as I usually do. I’ve got a lot of unfinished business searching waves in Scotland again and Russia is on the cards.

Until then I’m making the most of the situation, surfing heaps and scoring a bunch of sessions down the coast.

I’ve been lucky enough to start riding for Science Bodyboards so I decided to make a little amp promo clip. 90% of this clip was filmed over the course of a couple sessions.

That swell a few weeks ago that lit up the entire east coast. Home was pumping for a week straight and I was putting in 5 or 6 hours a day.

I just wanted to do a short, fast, clip with a punk song and minimal lifestyle footage. Nothing arty , just straight to the point. Enjoy!

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