One Shot: Merlyn Moon.

One Shot: Merlyn Moon.

By Merlyn Moon.

Images: Shayden Worth @shaydotornado.

I fucking love doing airs. Being able to fly unassisted is so surreal. That feeling of weightlessness to me is like the crack cocaine of Bodyboarding. Barrels are sick too, but airs are a form of self-expression, hopefully executed without too crook of a style – but, whatever.  

There’s nothing that really stands out about this day. It was an ordinary mid-week session at my home break with a few people on it. The Tassie Boys (Harley, Sam & Cohen) were down and a mate of mine Shayden was keen to shoot the morning on his new camera rig, so that was cool.

This wave had a side wedge that jacked as it hit backwash and met the oncoming section. It had a weird buckle in it and I had to turn hard to make the lip. To avoid getting smoked, I pushed my hips up and tried to flick my legs over my head before dropping into impending doom. I remember feeling happy to get a clean exit. I got a few other fun ones this day, but this was the only one that gave me that crack fix.

Shayden got some really nice pics this session. He had a good angle; the composition is different and embellishes the height of the wave – good Feng shui! The day itself wasn’t special or extraordinary, it doesn’t have to be. I always appreciate a fun surf at home.

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