It’s Tough At The Top. Bodyboarding’s Insta-famous Top 5.

It’s Tough At The Top. Bodyboarding’s Insta-famous Top 5.

Shallow be thy name!

Anyway, here they are…..

5. Travis Trigger Smith. 85K Followers.

Travis Smith is a Kauai born former male model who began modelling in 2012. According to Smith “launched his career walking exclusively for Versace. Since then the ‘surfer dude’ has shot for Vogue Hommes International, Interview Magazine, V Man, Commons & Sense and Hercules Universal. In Autumn 2012 Travis landed his first major campaign for Versus alongside supermodel Karlie Kloss”.

He recently launched a Vlog series with his two younger siblings, Koa and Alex, both professional surfers, creatively called “The Smith Brothers” and competed in this year’s Mike Stewart Pipeline Pro, very making the quarter finals.

4. Mike Stewart. 93.2K Followers.

Waterman, Legend, Innovator Blah Blah Blah…….It’s Mike Stewart!

3. Jacob Vandervelde. 105K Followers.

Hawaiian Jacob Vandervelde is best known for pulling into ridiculously shallow Keiki shorebreak in front of lensman legend Clark Little. A quick pursue of his ‘gram reveals a man who seems to enjoy getting sand blasted into orifices on ridiculously shallow sand slabs, a signature model board with Custom X, and support from Sony and GoPro. Safe to say anybody willing to put himself into the positions Jacob finds himself regularly deserves a few eyeballs on his exploits.

2. Winston McCall. 109K Followers.

From ordinary coastal kid to Metalcore Psuedo-god, Winston McCall clocks in at number two on our list. The son of legendary Shark Island pioneer and all round Pommie mad man Chaz McCall, Winston grew up in booging in Byron Bay and it’s surrounds on the NSW North Coast. Now the lead singer of the internationally adored band Parkway Drive, (named after the street he grew up in) Winston’s bodyboarding career was just beginning to bloom before his bands popularity went through the stratosphere and he became an underground international metal mega star.

1.Glenda Kozlowski. 669K Followers.

Glenda is a former women’s world champion, claiming the title in 1991. She’s also a five times Brazilian women’s national champion and one of the early pioneers of professional women’s bodyboarding. But, but, but…. how does a professional rider from 30 odd years ago find herself at the top of the followers tree?


Glenda dived in a career in sports journalism and became a popular and well-respected presenter and anchor for various sports related television programs in Brazil. With 669 thousand followers she’s far and away the most Insta-popular figure ever associated with the bodyboarding world.

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