Review: Antonio Cardoso’s “Tabu”.

” Tabu ” The best edit of 2020?

By Cerven Cotter.

Cover image: @pinesi

With the full length bodyboarding film somewhat of a unicorn in our current world, the digital landscape is littered with short form edits. Ranging from 10 second ‘insta’ clips, to 15min mini films, the sheer amount of bodyboarding now available to the world is staggering.

However, it takes something special to be noticed, to be taken seriously. A standout edit requires a perfect mix of ingredients, all baked at the right temperature and delivered at just the right time. Clocking in at four minutes and twenty seconds, Tabu, appears to check all the boxes, and more.

Not only does Tabu showcase the heaving barrels of Portugal, Australia, Tahiti and the Canary Islands, it gives us a glimpse into the mind of Portugal’s Antonio Cardoso, without him having to utter one single word. He effortlessly communicates with the world through the language of charging. A universally understood language that all wave riders understand and respect.

As an edit, Tabu, has all the hallmarks of a professionally filmed and edited bit of bodyboarding cinema. The footage is sharp and crisp – there are water shots and beach angles all perfectly mixed together enhanced by the tasteful use of slow mo, editor Pedro Ferreira has cut a visual bodyboarding feast.

Sometimes a highly polished visual production can lack soul, it can be devoid of any realness, Tabu walks the fine line of retaining the power and grit of the mountains of water featured, and it never feels over produced.

Perhaps it’s the grinding unforgiving Gojira soundtrack that keeps it rooted in the real world? The song, Silvera, off the French bands 2016 release, Magma, is hundred percent on point. Hard, fast, powerful, you could think this track was written specifically for this edit.

You’ll find yourself holding your breath as you prepare for the hold downs. This is a heavy edit. And once you’ve watched it once, hit the replay button to go back and appreciate those moments you missed the first time round as you closed your eyes, wincing in pain at some of the punishment delivered.
There are no specific highlights to mention, it’s all over in under five minutes – every wave, every move, every cut is a highlight. The only downside, it’s not long enough. Five minutes is simply not enough. When the credits show up, the deflation is real, it’s over, there is no more. A full length bodyboarding film which matches the essence and pace of Tabu? Yes please!

Unless you’ve been living under a giant rock, you may have noticed that the Euro riders have been dominating the bodyboarding scene in recent years, and the seemingly bottomless talent pool keeps delivering new and exciting riders. Portugal’s Antonio Cardoso sets the bar high with Tabu, and we can only expect that bar to keep rising.

Is this edit set to be the ‘Bodyboarding edit of 2020’? Who knows, only half the year has passed, but it is going to take something really special to knock Tabu out of the running.

Watch Tabu here.

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