Leaders and Followers.

Leaders and Followers.

By Dan Dobbin.

I sometimes lament that I wasn’t born twenty years later.

As a women.

With a huge rack.

I could spend my days posing provocatively in front of pools and on beaches, letting my “features” do all the work. Piling up followers by the thousands and letting the cash roll in.

It truly is a strange world when the number of followers we have is the metric by which we seem to define the importance of what we are doing.

Observe, for example the 2.5 million followers of the World Wildlife Fund stacked next to the vacuousness of Queen Kardashian’s 176 million devotes.

A world where ” like” addiction has became such an obsession it causes mental health issues.

Well, we too are a shallow bunch here at Infoamed, and so after a tip off from a personne de haute estime within the bodyboarding community, we throw open the challenge to you.

Can you name the top five past or present professional or quisi-professional bodyboarders with the highest number of followers on Instagram?

Some are obvious, some require some some lateral and deep historical thinking.

We’ll reveal our list next week.

Fire away with your guesses in the comments!

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