One Shot: Matt Sullivan And The Rumble In The Jungle.

The Rumble In The Jungle.

By Matt Sullivan.

The DK Rumble in the Jungle boat trip… that name and idea alone sold the trip for me and at this time I was living with Dion Myers, so I’m not sure how it all even came to light but the bottom line was- Stevie Maher was putting together an all DK boat trip to a very remote and low key island that the people who knew about it and actually researched the place knew of the reef break that was rightly so named Apocolypse.

Basically the story of the story of this shot though, was the first day in on our couple day voyage on the Bulan Baru toward panaitan island – the home of apocalypse.

We woke up the first morning in, still on the mainland coast of Java, and we look out off the boat to what looked like a 3-4ft point break. At the time we were maybe a kilometre or 2 away from the break just after sunrise and from where we were it looked like a a super fun and inviting session for us for our first session to ease into for our trip!

So we jumped in the dinghy and zoomed out to get dropped off close to the break. Something kind of wasn’t adding up, sets were rolling in nice and consistently, yet as we were getting closer we were realising how solid of a swell this was romping in over the reef….

So I was super happy sitting on the shoulder and really doing some calculating of what the fuck I was putting myself into- how shallow IS it here? Should I have worn more than boardies? Do I even know how to backhand? Where is my comfy couch back home right now?

This session actualy was a cracker of a session! Most the guys were sitting quite deep and not sure if they were aiming for barrels or just totally careless to the situation I felt was quite intimidating. I actualy found that sitting wide, had the bigger bombs that broke further out giving insanely long and rippable faces, I most Definitely wasn’t looking for tubes this day!

Looking back on this shot, and it’s still my favourite from the trip, knowing this was the first day, it is still to what I consider the biggest wave I’ve ridden (atleast backhand to my knowledge with photo evidence) and Having the hi res image at hand, I look at it and still am so stoked to see the commitment, and the fear in my face; to balance out and make a solid memory for myself. And if anyone ever says I can’t go left, I proudly think of this photo or if my ego wins, I post it on social media for the world to know I can.

Dropknee not bombs, but dropknee on bombs is ok!

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