One Shot: Hayden Pisini

A swing and fling.

By Hayden Pisani.

This swell hit from a Thursday to the following Wednesday. Along with bringing in clean 4 ft wedges, it also brought in an excess crowd from up and down the coast. Bodies everywhere!

I knew if I was going to stand out I’d have to do something a little unorthodox and really go for it.
The wave in this image was a fun ride shot taken by Sarah Cruickshank.

This wave throws up some of the biggest ramps on the East Coast I’d say. It’s a full on skate park when it’s doing its thing, launch pads everywhere!

I remember taking off on this wave and looking at the ramp down the line then in a blink of an eye it boosted me towards the flats giving me enough time to tweak out a little invert. Everything was going fine until it wasn’t and I landed fair on my face!

It’s good surfing with a crew when everyone is trying to out do each other in the water. It pushes you to do things you would otherwise try, hence my face spattering effort in this shot.

Photographer Sarah Cruikshank had this to say about nailing this shot and Hayden’s surfing during the swell.

“Hayden is like most groms, catches alot of waves and has lots of energy!
He hit a lot of bowls on this day but after this shot he over rotated and took on the foetal position for the landing”.

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