The New World Order.

The new world order.

By Dan Dobbin.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that the world we inhabit hasn’t always been this way.

Global events such as the current Covid-19 pandemic, the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. or the World Wars of the previous century stand out within our consciousness because they are markers of events that necessitate rapid social and cultural change.

Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, or the slowly expanding waistline, change comes about so slowly and incrementally that we hardly notice it,and simply assimilate these new realities into our lives.

At the beginning of the birth of bodyboarding Hawaii, and soon after California emerge as the two hotspots for the sport throughout the 1980’s.

This power based shifted through the 1990’s as Australia and Brazil took up the mantle as the sports two pre-eminent practitioners and sustained that momentum for the next twenty odd years.

Now, once again, the bodyboarding world seems to be in the midst of another transition.

The passion, the drive, the media, the hunger for bodyboarding seems to be now coming out two new twin hotspots: Continental Europe and South America.

Portugal, Spain and France are producing talented up and coming riders like Daniel Fonseca, Joel Rodrigues, Miguel Ferreira, Armide Soliveres, Javier Dominguez and Nicolas Capony to complement their established riders like Pierre Louis Costes and Amuary Lavernhe.

South America, in particular Chile, is experiencing the same upward swing of rider talent and cultural enthusiasm for bodyboarding.

Indeed, in a recent interview with Bego Martinez, Pierre Louis Costes even declared Chile the new centre of the bodyboarding world.

Alan Muñoz , Matias Diaz, Yoshua Toledo, Sacha Damjanic, Joaquin Soto and Nelson Flores are all names to look out for in the future. Muñoz has been touted as a probable World Champion of the future, while Diaz represents the very best fusion of Latin passion and Aussie Style.

The only certainty in life change, and the bodyboarding world is shifting and evolving once again.

Might be a good time to brush up on your Spanish and Portuguese!

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