BoogLife Podcast: Damian King.

Manny V shares an audience with the King.

Full time Instagram comedy actor, part time real estate agent and wrangler of B-wall barrels Damian King is never a man short of a tale.

In the latest installment of now veteran podcaster Manny Vargas’s boogLife series, Port Mac’s King regales we peasant listeners with anecdotes and insights from his times at the top of the bodyboarding world.

The King guides us from his humble beginnings riding a ” trendy bendy” board through a legitimate tube in one of his first ever surfs to jaw dropping world title wins in the very last seconds of competition.

From watching Guilherme Tamega almost die at giant Haleieva to silencing the doubters in the Dropknee community to become the first cross-discipline world champion, the hour long chat constantly entertaining.

The King closes out his stately address with an anecdote about the dangers of day drinking on Caribbean island’s, what it’s like to actually drown at Cloudbreak and the secret trip with 30 of his best mates he has planed for November.

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