One Shot: Shayden Schrader.

One shot: Shayden Schrader.

By Shayden Schrader.

Image by @malachi.films

I woke up around 5:30am in a south coast car park in the cab of my car which I had been sleeping in the last few days. I packed the bags, grabbed the board and fins then began the walk in through the dark. Mindsurfing the upcoming wave the whole way.

As I get to the check point as the sun had slowly begun to rise. It looked a bit slow, but about 4-6ft with some bigger sets.

Just as I was about to get my wetsuit ready I started to feel the most worst pain I’ve ever felt in my mouth!

Without wanting to sound like a pussy the pain ended up becoming almost crippling and made it hard to even move.

I decided to have a drink of water to see if it would ease the pain and it did, but only for a minute or so.

I almost pulled the pin on the surf but thought “fuck it the pain will go away, its probably just my wisdom tooth coming through again”

I got ready and got in the water. The whole 4 hour surf I was swishing the cold water in my mouth so it would ease the pain momentarily.

The wave in this wave was kind of early on the session, it wasn’t actually the best of waves, it just kinda flung me into an oncoming ramp which ended up flinging me pretty high. It didn’t feel as big as it looks surprisingly.

I ended up getting some of the best ramps I’ve had in a long time that day and having a super fun surf with plenty of big airs which we’ll hopefully see in the not too distant future! 

The whole time I just kept water in my mouth to ease the pain before and after waves. I was not talking to my mates much because I couldn’t for too long without the pain shooting through my mouth and neck.

I ended up coming in satisfied from the surf but sore.

I went to the shop afterwards getting neurofen and aspirin.

I pumped down 4 neurofen’s and 3 Asprin’s in 2hours and it didn’t do a thing but make me tired.

After two days of pain and no sleep, I went to the first dentist that could fit me in and found out it was my middle molar which had been damaged from an accident last year and hadn’t been repaired properly that was causing me the anguish. Turns out I needed root canal (my root was dying fast) pronto!

Along with the physical pain it has also left a hefty dint in my bank account! Good times.

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