True Locals.

Reeflex’s new Indigenous themed wetsuits.

by Dan Dobbin.

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Rob Laurie is a proud Yaegl and Bundjalung man who is responsible for some of the biggest punts ever seen on Australia’s East Coast.

The above image shows Rob repping the new Indigenous themed wetsuits available in this seasons range from Reeflex wetsuits.

Reeflex head honcho Ryan Hardy had this to say on the new suits.

“These steamers are part of this years range we’ve had for a couple of months now. It’s a very heartfelt project of mine to create this simple yet bold hearted suit. I’m very passionate about the Indigenous history and culture we have in Oz and I strongly believe we will thrive more as people living in Australia the more we acknowledge and embrace the rich heartfelt connection that the Indigenous people have with our country”

Rob gives his perspective on the initiative.

“Ryan was the genius behind this wetsuit idea. He told me last year he had some great ideas involving the indigenouse comunity and wanted me to be involved so it was a no brainer for me. My culture is everything to me. Seeing that Ryan was just as passionate was really inspiring!”

“I feel huge pride when I’m wearing this wetsuit and I’ve had some great feed back from a lot of people. I feel a great positivity that in Australia we are all coming together, learning about and respect indigenous peoples like never before, one path, one love!”

Given the racially charged events sweeping the United States right now, it’s heartening to see a core bodyboarding company like Reeflex doing their part to promote solidarity and understanding between cultures here in Australia.

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