The World Is A Live!

Media for the millenial masses.

By Dan Dobbin.

There’s a periodic lament about the fall of media content within the bodyboarding world that springs forth ever so often in Facebook groups and Insta comments.

For those of us raised in the era of multiple monthly or bi-monthly magazine publications, six monthly film drops and the rise of internet websites and contest streaming, the current landscape can appear a little, shall we say, sparse.

For all intents and purposes, with the exception of the champions over at Movement Magazine and their highly anticipated annual issue, print media has been resigned to the role of that of a relic, something you show your kids from a bygone era.

But as the old is resigned to the back of cupboards and containers in garden sheds, the new media landscape rises, fueled by high speed internet connections, social media platforms and mobile phone technologies.

As almost 1/3 of the world’s population faced some kind of lockdown restrictions, it seemed the prevalence of Instagram live interviews has exploded.

Seems I can’t open up the little photograph posting site that could without seeing the “live” icon buzzing away in the corner with another one on one chat going down.

Legends like Mike, GT, Hubb and Manny V are in on the game, as well as the grande dame of our sport Patty Serento with her legends of bodyboarding series.

If your fluent in Portuguese @vertmagazine has your fix of  Iberian peninsula riders, while @Rideitbbmag have your Brazilian scene sorted.

Begona Martinez’s “Bego’s Chat” through Erizo boardstore in Chile spans Spanish and English speaking guests, with the bilingual abilities of host Bego allowing her to converse with riders across the globe.

It seems that almost any rider of repute from the last twenty years has been scheduled for a chat with one or more Insta-livers over the last few months.

In fact the only gap in the coverage seems to be within the Australian scene, where no local interviewer has emerged.

So while the glossy images and well presented articles of the magazines of yesteryear might be what we invision when we think of bodyboarding  media, the new noise of live social media interviews is the here and now evolution of bodyboarding insights.

Realistically, what better way is there to get a feel for a riders personality, values and opinions than hearing directly from them in real time?

The only trouble right now is keeping up with catching them all!

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