A Shower Of Gold.

A moment of perfection.

By Josh Evans.

There’s nothing worse than getting the call from your mate, “Where are ya bro?? surf’s crank’n!”….when ya gotta work.

Wednesday arvo the Reef carpark was packed, Tobes gave me the call, Dallas, Boxydog and all the boys were there, and I couldn’t miss my shift.


Thursday, swell had dropped but the conditions held. The 2020 Autumn weather at the Bay has been incredible: clear air and skies, great sunsets and water like glass.

Got a fun morning sesh with Tobes, then in the arvo checked the Reef with the misso, no-one out but a perfect sunset brewing. I decided to head home grab the GoPro and just get some wave sequences.

When I arrived back I noticed there were a few boys out so kitted up and headed out. I was stoked when I hit the lineup to see litte Tyesy, Paddy and Nathan, and thought to myself we are on here, especially because there was a sick little tube breaking at “Rights” which meant the angle was perfect with the sun behind.

I didn’t have much time as the sun drops pretty fast and I wanted to get the above water shot with the sun in the background, then go under to shoot through the wave.

Pretty shallow and dodgy, so I just kept shooting.

I look at Nathan paddling onto a little gem…. I was filming out of the water then went straight under and followed him with my eyes open underwater as he went through the water tunnel.

With any in water footage ya never really know what you’ve got, but in this wave I opened my eyes underwater and just couldn’t believe the glass tube in front of me. Had the GoPro pole fully extended and as close to the tube as possible. Nathan got worked pretty hard and lost some skin, and I was just hoping that the GoPro got it.

Was SO stoked with the footage when I reviewed it. Captured the moment, sun in top spot, great ride by Nato, couldn’t believe the colours, from the oranges to the blues, but it was the crystal water tube that really made the shot.

It definitely made up for missing the sesh the day before!

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