Women Of The Waves Podcast III: Meet The Hosts.


The team behind the Women of the Waves Co. Rio Clark and Sophie Leathers team up for numero Tres’ of their new podcast sharing the stories and opinions of women bodyboarders around the globe.

It’s a “getting to know us” episode as the hosts share their back stories of how they got into bodyboarding, involving mini-buses, the tension crew, older brothers, confusing calf cramps for shark attacks and the importance of being in a club.

Rio shares her tips for preparation for surfing big remote waves, evaluating line ups, and the benefits of asking for advice from more experienced riders.

Rio also contributes an epic story of charging double overhead Tombstones, scoring an insane spitting pit and then the punishment that followed it on the inside of the wave, including being stripped of her board and both fins.

Sophie discusses her passion for creating online content, including the importance of being genuine with your online profile and the benefits of using social media to observe other riders styles for more rapid improvement.

To hear the full chat head on over to:


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