Flipping The Narrative.

Jared Houston on the recently disparagement of the humble flip.

By Dan Dobbin.

Only last week Pierre Louis Costes claimed that a reverse of the shoulder was harder to do than a backflip, and none other than lord of the rail Mitch Rawlins claimed that flips were holding back creativity in the sport.

Damning rhetoric indeed.

Fear not South Americans, Brazilians and other flip freaks, your champion has stepped forward!

South African 2018 World Champion Jared Houston has taken to the ‘gram to defend the humble flip, which has come under sustained scrutiny and attack from sections of the bodyboarding community of late.

Houston fired off at the haters with the following barrage: “What move is most unique to boogieboarding? One of them is the backflip. You start and finish in a prone position, and do you not use the strongest parts of your body to jump, pull or push. Just a good line, vision and core control. One of the great strongholds of the #boogie on wave-riding”.

Perhaps’s being a former world champion, Jared has a strong emotional affinity for the move that Rawlin’s claims have constituted ” at least 90% of high-scoring rides” in the last 10 years of competition.

You have to dance with the one that brought you et al.

A deep dive into the comments section of the post reveals that even the flying hucks newest champion acknowledges the overkill of the move amoungst those donning the contest jersey, with Houston conceding “Do we see them too much in competition, yes”.

However he continues “I don’t think that detracts from their functionality / beauty,”

The lines still remain drawn then.

Are flips a hand break on creativity, a cheap thrill, a quick and nasty way to impress the judges?

Or as Jared Houston purports, a thing of functionality and beauty to be venerated and appreciated for it’s uniquness to the bodyboarding realm?

More as the story develops.


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