The Water Diviners.

The Brisbane City Bodyboard Club.

By Tim Nolan 

Growing up in the small coastal town of Woolgoolga on the mid north coast of NSW, the beach was never far away. We’d surf at least 2 times a day even during the week. Our lives were formed around the ocean. We had uncrowded beachies for days and even a couple of nice little reef slabs that turned on when the swell was right.

 Fast forward 20 odd years and I find myself living in the suburbs of Brisbane, at least an hour’s drive to either the Gold or Sunshine coasts to get to the beach. I’ve been here for around 10 years now. The first half of that was mainly spent working and raising a young family with trips to the coast few and far between. In the last 3 our so years my longing for the ocean has amplified. Spending so much time away from the coast, most of the crew I used to surf with have also moved on to other things life has thrown at them.

After weeks of waking up at in the dark on the weekend to go surfing alone, I decided to try to use the powers of Social Media to express my love for Body Boarding. I started posting inspiration shots, and out of the blue, a friend of a friend that also lived in the city reached out and asked if he could come booging the next time I went. And so, the idea of a Brisbane City Body Boarding Club was born.

The main idea of the club at the moment, is just gathering like minded people from the city and all getting together to go surfing. Once we get more numbers I’d love to be able to run days at different beaches and maybe even film nights somewhere in the city, but until then I’d like to get a few of the more serious guys involved and signed up in either the SCBC or GCBC in upcoming seasons. Its been a long time since any of us has had a taste of competition.

There’s currently only a handful of guys that are involved. Before Rona came to visit, I think the biggest session we had was 2 carloads paddling out at The Spit.

 A couple of fellas and I had organised to meet at a servo on the way down to jump into one car. I pulled up and parked at 5am in the middle of winter. It was so dark, and I was freezing my ass off having rolled out of bed at 4:30 and only put on a pair of shorts and a tee.

5:10am and no sign of the boys. 5:15 came around and I sent a txt to one of the guys. Yo, you guys close or…? 5:30am a txt came back. Shit! We’re coming back now! They’d totally forgotten about me, driven straight past the servo and were pretty much at the beach. I told them just to keep going and drove the rest of the way solo. By the time I got there they were already getting some fun little rip bowls just next to the break wall. Damn straight I made sure I burned them both that day on a couple good ones.

 The recent development in wave pools is also of huge excitement to surfers everywhere but it brings the possibility of more accessible waves to surfers in the city. I would have thought with a city population of 2.4million, sprawling flat spaces out in the further suburbs, hour long car trips to the coasts, Brisbane would be a high contender for a wave pool. Seeing how much Winny, Mitch and Jake ripped up Urbansurf and Ben Player out in Yepoon scoring perfect little slabs got stoke levels through the roof. Not having a local break can be pretty hard and I always feel a little shitty rolling into a carpark with a bunch of guys. I know localism isn’t quite what it used to be, but you can feel a few stares coming your way.

I firmly believe the ocean is one of the most important things in life. It connects us all. Anyone who reads this and wants to get reignite the stoke or wants to get involved feel free to get in touch! Send us a DM through the Instagram page @brisbanecitybodyboardclub and come get some waves.

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