PLC Commits Regicide.

The king is dead, all hail the king!

By Dan Dobbin.

Not since the execution of King Louis XVI have the French felt the need to dethrone and decapitate a king.

Perhaps this is because absolute monarchy in France ended when King Louis and Marie-Antoinette faced off against Madame guillotine at the behest of the French public and lost badly.

Hard to keep up killing kings when you don’t have a king to kill.

However, it seems that old habits die hard, with French phenom Pierre Louis Costes seemingly willing to coldly remove King Stewart from his position atop the bodyboarding world in an Instagram post yesterday.

PLC writes ” The definition of influential is having great influence on someone or something and I would like to make the statement that @spenskipper had maybe the biggest influence on the sport or (sic) bodyboarding”.

So there you have it. Spencer Skipper more influential than Mike.

A king deposed, the G.O.A.T beheaded by the hand of a Frenchman!

The king is dead, long live the king!

Pierre continues ” Spencer Skipper was ahead of his time and was doing things back in the day that would be just as impressive today, he is responsible for the modern and technical aspect (sic) of riding a bodyboard and actually, his section in No Friends 4 is still my favorite of all time”.

So where do you stand, dear reader?

Did Skipper, like the First Republic that sprang from the ruins of the deposed monarchy, usher in new and innovative ways of doing things that spread around the globe, forever altering the future?

Or was he simply a man of his time, part of a wave of change that included names like Hubbard, Hardy, King, and Player that was primed to sweepaway the old institutions of Severson, McGee, Eppelstun, Maligro etc.

Should Stewart now be seen in a light not dissimilar to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, a stuffy reminder of a bygone era, more figurehead than mover and shaker since the end of last century?

Much to ponder!

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