One Shot : Grant Faulkner.

Staying keen in isolation.

By Grant Faulkner.

This shot of Johnny Cruickshank last week is the product of simply motivating myself to get up early to shoot sunrise and a rider who knows the joint like the back of his hand.

Since moving to Newcastle from Forster 9 years ago to chase work in my profession, I’ve fallen for this particular wedge. Growing up bodyboarding in Forster, living a stone’s throw from an extremely fun right wedge and having a potential of more than 10 wedges on their day in the area, you come to learn where to sit when the banks start to churn out these refracted gems.

Swimming early mornings has also been the best lately due to the current situation around the world with few people wanting to get in the water at an ungodly hour.

I’d been shooting the wedge peaks by myself further round the shelf that morning on sunrise while the light was good. I snapped a few ‘arty’ keepers before the light dissipated with the heavy cloud cover you can see above JC. I saw the boys were out back around the corner now so thought I may as well try to get something before heading in for coffee before work.

Within 15 mins of Johnny paddling out, he proceeded to stroke into the best shaped wedge of the morning. As luck would have it, nothing worth noting coming through for the following hour of my swim.

Opting for the camera over the bodyboard proved fruitful that morning.

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