Women Of The Waves Podcast : Joana Schenker.

The women of the waves podcast is an initiative of founders Rio Clarke and Sophie Leathers to bring the stories of women bodyboarders to the world.

Episode 1 featured the irrepressible Traci Effinger, who’s writing we have previously feature here on Infoamed.

Episode 2, released early last week features 2017 world champion Joana Schenker.

Joana discusses how she wasn’t a natural competitor, wasting years socializing at events before winning a nation title switched her on to what it took to be successful.

She speaks on the doors that opened and opportunities that arose after winning the world title in 2017, the joy of doing school visits, and the difficulties of tanning under windows while in lockdown in Portugal.

Joana and host Sophie also touch on the groundswell of female bodyboarders the world over, and the benifits that could be born if the bodyboarding world would recognize just how popular the sport is with members of the double X chromosome club.

You can here the whole chat here at:


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