Breaking News: Bodyboarding The New Standard.

Leaders of the surf communities once again!

Overnight Australian time, the World Surf League announced sweeping changes to the way they will be structuring their tour and crowning a world champion.

In a nutshell, regional and national competitions and tours will be given extra importance, with whoever wins the single final event of the year ( probably at Pipeline) to be crowned world champion.

Sound familiar?

Barreled Surf Podcast, out of Dunsborough Western Australia were quick to annoint bodyboarding as the new standard to follow for the future of stand up surfing.

I don’t really know how well these blokes know bodyboarding, we’re in a pretty solid period of rebuilding and restructuring ourselves, but perhaps being the little guy right now aint so bad.

As Pierre Louis Costes said recently in his Le Boogie chat, nobody in bodyboarding is worried about losing a huge contract or way of making a living because, well we’re bodyboarders.

Perhaps the Barreled boys were referencing the fact that no one bodyboards for fame or fortune anymore, only for the love.

While the pyramid scheme that was professional surfing looks to be in a pretty shakey position right now, for the vow of object poverty that is the bodyboarding community, it would appear to be almost business as usual for the future.

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