IBC World Tour Update.

Official announcement: 24 April 2020
2020 World Tour update.

The International Bodyboarding Corporation along with all world tour event organisers and their local governments continue to monitor the global COVID-19 situation on a day to day basis.

The latest update in regards to the 2020 World Tour remains largely unchanged. Event organisers are working closely with their relevant governmental partners in order to secure revised dates however as the pandemic continues to impact countries around the world, nothing
is certain.

The following 2 events have been rescheduled:
● Garden Classic, Kaui, Hawaii (August 8-9)
● Kiama Pro, Australia (August 27 – September 3)
The following events remain suspended:
● Wahine Bodyboard Pro, ES, Brazil (new date to be announced)
● Itacoatiara Pro, NI, Brazil (new date to be announced)
● Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, Chile (new date to be announced)
● Bellavista Iquique Pro, Chile (new date to be announced)
● Arica Cultura Bodyboard, Chile (new date to be announced)
● South Africa Pro, South Africa (new date to be announced)

2 events remain unchanged, however this may change due to the ever evolving COVID-19 situation:

● Sintra Pro, Portugal (September 7 -13)
● Gran Canaria Fronton King, Galdar, Canary Islands (October 17-31)

The IBC urges all bodyboarders and bodyboarding fans to follow the guidance and advice
provided by their governments and health authorities in order to reduce the spread of the
disease. Stay safe.

Web: ibcworldtour.com
Facebook: @ibc.worldtour

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