“I Was A Nobody!” The Le Boogie Podcast : Eppo.

Australia’s first world champion and innovator is in an expansive mood in this fresh interview from the Le Boogie podcast.

Is there a man with a more distinctive voice in bodyboarding than Michael Eppulston?

The high pitched, nasal twang sounds more like it should belong to a man kicking home a winner along the straight at Caulfield than to a legend of the ocean realm.

If you have a spare 1hr and 36secs, you could do worse things with your time than to give a listen to the excellent Le Boogie Podcast with Australia’s first world champion Michael Eppulston.

In this expansive chat, Eppo and covers many a diverse and interesting topic.

What it’s like to go from being a relative nobody, to a world champion, and then back to seeming obscurity.

How the psyching to “Eye of the Tiger” almost lost then probably won him the title, the brutal realities of being locked into onerous contracts, the dark times once the professional career ended and the joys he’s found in the simple act of bodysurfing.

He reveals the roll that Dyslexia and Coffs Harbour played in the invention of the double roll and how the history of the air roll spin may have been different if not for the presence of a video camera.

If these tidbits tickle your fancy, you can listen to the whole interview here:


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