Bubble Butt.

Down A Design Rabbit Hole.

By Dan Dobbin.

Do you have a type?

A silhouette or feature that you just can’t resist, something that makes your heart rate quicken, your pupils dilate, blood rush to…. Ya get the point….

For a long time, mine was slightly wider, volume in the back end, more rounded, Brazilian like.

No channels, bat tail.

Custom after custom I persisted with the design, despite my regular being one of the east coast’s premiere wedges.

Wedges don’t require the speed generation that the extra surface area in a bat tail generates.

Scooping into teepee peaks is undoubtably easier with some deep channels and a crescent tail squared away in the back end.

Straight railed, smaller, skinner like everyone else was riding.

But I couldn’t help it.

The Science E0 was the window into this fetish.

Traded in four old boards and scavenged money hard in the midst of being a twenty years old university student with a newborn baby girl to get my hands on one.

The looseness and glide of the flat bat felt like power steering after a grommet hood on standard crescents.

The fact that Mike was making and riding them lent the star power.

Riding them required different lines, get to the bottom and draw a longer bottom turn, rather than the scoop and shoot of a crescent.

The carving reverse out of the bowl, ala Spencer Skipp, and flip out of the bowl, ala every Brazillian ever became the move of choice.

I had what I rate as my personal best surf performance on that blue meany one afternoon at above mentioned wedge. Full roter air rev after air rev, a brief window into the superpowers that the pro’s must feel.

It wasn’t always a rosie relationship though. My mate Nath loves to remind me of the time I slid out badly at the bottom of a dredging mysto right. The shame, the shame…..

By the time I ordered an experimental gel coated, gold sprayed creation by Alister Taylor shipped from South Africa, I had to recognize that I had a problem that I was impacting me in a negative way.

So next custom, I went cold turkey. 42’ 21’ 12’ 18’ crescent with channels. Traditional.

I’ve had dalliances since. Lots of concave play, I like the noses on my boards thinned out, half board stringers seeking a flex feel. Currently tinkering with length.

Still, the old E0 sits in a boardbag in the back shed, too battered to ever be ridden again, but never to be thrown away.

Anyone else want to confess their design kink?

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