Opinion: DK4LYFE?

Passion Doesn’t Equal Performance Or Pay.

By Laurie Clarence.

Dear Dropkneers, are you guys in or out? I can’t keep up.

You bemoan the fact that prone riding is preferred, or DK riding isn’t scored.

But you segregate yourself with tattoo’s and DK4LYFE and dropknee only competitions and a dropknee only magazine.

You make dropknee only shaped boards, when a standard prone board will suffice just as well or even better.

Wanna argue? Lindholm, Sasaki, Roach, Lyman, Ballard, Maligro, Kingy, every Hawaiian dropkneer in the 80’s and 90’s, Dave Hubb, Sammy Morretino, all surf on standard prone shapes.

You whine that you don’t receive as much coverage or sponsorship opportunity as prone riders.

The truth is, you’re a subset with a subset. A minorities minority.

You don’t generate sales revenue for brands.

Why should they give you what essentially comes down to a dole payment because you want to ride DK?

Sponsorship is all about how much financial sales you can generate for a company through profile and influence. A business isn’t a social endeavor.

Within a capitalist framework, that which generates income is favoured. That’s the nature of the marketplace.

1/5 of fuck all people care about dropknee inside of the bodyboarding world and nobody, but nobody cares about it outside.

If you can’t generate income, your superfluous to needs.

The mechanics are all wrong. The physics are all wrong.

In a half crouched position the amount of torque generated twisting through a turn is halved compared to standing position.

With a such a short rail line you can’t generate enough speed rail to rail to continually flow through turns like longer railed craft.

So, it’s all half snaps and mid face roundhouses.

It’s stand up surfing in 2nd gear.

When was the last time anyone did anything innovative dropknee?

Dubb’s never repeated roll in 2006?

Outside of that nothing has changed in 30 years. Anything being done now was done, and done better in the early 90’s.

I don’t care if you want to try to ride a big waves dropknee. Fucking Robbie Maddison rode Teahupoo on a dirt bike. Guys ride Peahi on snow ski’s.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that it’s functional or worth pursuing.

The only people who care about dropknee are dropkneers. Everyone else is just confused why you bother to do it.

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