Who’s Getting Fleeced?

Who’s Getting Fleeced?

By Dan Dobbin.

Want further proof that the world has gone flippity floppity?

The satirical sages at Drag board co. released the news this week that a Chippa Wilson signature model board is part of their range this year.

The amount of knowledge and technical insight that Professional surfer Chippa might well have contributed towards the design of the board can probably be summized by the more discerning reader.

Being a part owner in the business, possessing the ability to surf freakishly well standing up on any type of board and being marketable enough across two niche pastimes to generate sales seems to have been enough for Drag to foist a Chippa model board into the market place.

For a company who have openly claimed to operate with a 35 / 65 seriousness to irony ratio as their business philosophy, it remains to be seen who such a board model is meant to be taking the piss out of.

Is it the bodyboarder who may be unaware that a percentage of his cash for the sale will go into the coffers of Investment company Alceon who bankroll the company through Surfstich?

Or the gullible early teen surfer who parts with some coin, failing to realize that Wilson would most likely surf just as well on a $30 Kmart board.

Hopefully, the clever marketing Drag employs can compensate for the obscure target audience such a board model might be thought to appeal to.

We sure hope the Drag coffers stay filled, because the R.I.P. series of movies are brilliantly produced and edited, and watching Chippa surf on any type of craft a true delight.

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