Sin City Shutdown.

Gold Coast City Council Closes The Sea.

As of Midnight tonight certain beaches across Sin City will be closed all members of the public, surfers included.

The Gold Coast Council has announced it is shutting down beaches from the The Spit to Surfers Paradise, as well as the stretch in  Coolangatta that includes Snapper Rocks, Greenmount and Kirra.

Other beaches from Coolangatta to Surfers Paradise will be open for local residents, but closed to those who live outside of Gold Coast City Council boundaries.

With Dbah technically falling on the NSW side of the now great border divide, and the closing of Coolangatta eliminating the sneaky drift down from Froggies, will this have any impact on dimming the crowds in the line up?

Or will it mearly funnel even more desperados into the line Point Danger line up, ratchet up the crowd numbers even further, and forcing the hand then of the Tweed City Council to enforce a similar ban?

How this will be inforced remains to be seen, but it seems plausible to think that beach goers will need show proof of residence when confronted by authorities.

Chatter of residence only being allowed to leave their postcode except for work purposes being next.

Which means what for GC based bodyboarders?

The New South Wales border remains open to Queensland residence travelling south, however the return journey still requires a two week self isolation period.

Heading into prime surf season on the North Coast of NSW, will a plague of surf starved Bananalanders swarm south at the first hint of Westerly winds and long period South swell, judging it worth the fortnight of solitude to follow?

Will there be a run on easily removed ” Go The Blues” stickers slapped onto slicks in attempts to blend in over the state line?

Dictionaries dusted off in attempts to understanding ” big words” so as not to draw attention to their northern origins during a southern ranging?

Reverse wetback smuggling operations springing up to spirit returning riders back across the Tweed?

Or will Northern NSW grommets get to briefly experience the long mythologised hlycion days of yesteryear, with line ups unfettered and unmolested by the northern hoards?

We live in interesting times….

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