Opinion: Put Up Or Shut Up!


Put Up Or Shut Up

By Cerven Cotter.

Bodyboarding in decline?

The way everybody carries on about it these days, you’d be a fool to believe otherwise. The negativity that is hurled around the comment sections of social media these days are enough to smack that barrel induced stoke right off your face, and then sucker punch you in the gut. And lets not forget that social media is a reflection of people’s views in the real world.

What the hell is wrong with people? When did we, as human beings, become so permanently negative? Nobody is asking you to be a constant happy go lucky positively annoying person, but it would probably be a crapload better than being that grumpy bastard who moans that it doesn’t rain when the sun shines and curses the grey clouds in the sky when it does end up raining.

Worst part of it all, these armchair heroes, these keyboarding, screen tapping clones simply do not add any value to anything. They just help fuel the insecurities and anxieties of the less vocal.

Seriously, if you’re not going to add something useful, purposeful and most important of all, actually get off your ass and do something about the problem… well, how about you just shut up. Stay in your haze of likes and negativity. Just because you’ve got an asshole, it doesn’t mean you should voice your opinion.
The world changes, things evolve – you know the saying – the only constant is change. Roll with it, embrace it or whether the wrath of extinction or worse yet, succumb to the lack of evolution and be forever viewed as a living fossil. Let’s get our act together as bodyboarders and be the change we want to see.
Take more time to listen to what your brothers and sisters in arms are wanting to achieve. Really sit back, open your ear holes and listen. Listen with intent, don’t just sit and wait for your turn to spout your opinion. Listen! We will most likely come to the realisation that we’re all trying to achieve the same goal. Call it a light bulb moment. It’s the journey that may look different from your perspective, but if you’re listening, then you’ll know that working alongside each other is the key. Helping each other, bolstering each other’s abilities, adding to the strengths and plugging the holes of weakness. Nobody is perfect. This isn’t a race to see who gets there first, or is it?
Everybody wants to see an incredible bodyboarding world tour with riders completely destroying the likes of Pipe, Shark Island, Nazare, Arica, Tand and Fronton to name a few. We want to see the top riders succeed, the young whippersnappers breaking new ground and all being rewarded for their efforts. And make a little something so they can put a meal or two on the table.
Let us all rally around and support the few that are out there actively turning the cogs and fighting the massive uphill battles. Ask the questions but be prepared implement the solutions, don’t just whine. Become an active participant. Stop standing on the sidelines. Take a step down and come join us in the trenches. Many hands make light work.
Find a grom, bury them in the sand, drag them out the back, and give ‘em a set wave. Fuel the stoke, be a catalyst for progression. Start a bodyboarding school. Instigate inter school team contests. Support the local clubs. No local club? Then start a bodyboarding club – what’s your excuse this time? Enter all the local contests just for the hell of it. Learn how to judge. Go ahead and set up a contest if there aren’t any in your area. Who cares who wins – bodyboarding will be the ultimate winner down the line.
Nobody, no matter how divine an entity he or she is, is going to fix all the problems overnight. This is a long game. Settle in for the war. What needs doing now is really nurturing the roots, so we can populate a whole forest of sustainable aspects of this sport, of this lifestyle.
The resurrection, or death, of bodyboarding is in your hands – forget the bullshit, forego the egos, kick down the cultural barriers, remove the country borders. Shift your mindset to positive with immediate affect. Let’s all move forward in unison, digitally, physically and mentally.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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