Is The New IBC Tour A Dictatorship?

With all the disruption and destruction the Covid shit-show has so far wrought, you would think that it would only be the people who make hand wash that are rubbing their hands together with any sort of glee right now.

I made a ‘rona joke there, but don’t worry you probably won’t get it.

Annyyyway, I suspect that the the promoters group behind the new IBC world tour initiative might also be secretly be grateful for the extra time the global crisis has bought them.

Can anyone really forsee the world tour kicking off in June this year as planned?

Realistically, it’s difficult to invision it going ahead this year at all.

Which may not be a bad thing.

Listening to the excellent Le Boogie podcast with Iain Campbell, which covers subjects like competition burn out, the benifits of sports psychologists and the importance of mind set while competing, buried towards the backend of the chat is a telling little exchange.

When discussing the subject of the relationship between the riders and the newly formed promoters group who will run tour into the future Campbell says

” We get into this crossroads where, they kind of take advantage of the power that they have, by not listening to us, and then when we here the information and give them our opinion, by that stage it’s, like, we have already made a decision on this, you know, where running a dictatorship, and where going to tell you guys exactly how it’s working”.

He continues “I feel like some of the changes that are being made are going to push us back a few years, which is not what is needed”.

The conversation then delves into the potential impact of the name change of the tour from APB to IBC will have, the difficulties possed by language barriers in communication, and the need to develop a better working relationship between the riders and promoters group.

Reading between the lines, you get the feeling that all is not sunshine and lollipops in the relationship between the riders and the new tour management.

Have a listen over at the Le Boogie podcast and make up your own mind, but perhaps the disruption caused by Covid-19 may buy the time needed for both groups to sort out their differences and give the new tour, when and if it launches, a greater chance of success in the future.

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