The Boogey Man And Sliding Doors.


The Boogey Man And Sliding Doors.

By Dan Dobbin.

Okay trivia buffs, who was our first crowned world champion at the 1982 Morey Boogie contest?

In the late 70s and early 80s Daniel Kaimi, along with Jack Lindholm, was considered the best bodyboarder at Pipeline.

A notoriously shy individual, the first to anointed with the “boogeyman” moniker, Daniel gained notoriety and respect for his “helicopter” take of spins, deep barrels, and hard charging. At the first ever Morey Boogie world championships, he used these attributes to secure a historic win.

But the story behind the story here is that Daniel should never have been in the final. He shouldn’t have even competed on finals day. The day previously, in smaller conditions at Makaha Beach, he had been knocked out of the competition by a young female bodyboarder named Lisa Miller.

The next day, young Lisa was greeted with 6-8ft pipeline. Perhaps wisely, Lisa judged these waves outside of her ability at the time and withdrew from the competition. The organizers saw fit to re-instate Daniel back into the competition in Lisa’s place.

Given a second chance, Daniel makes the most of it, doing what he was famous for doing best. He charges hard, threads deep tubes and throws some under the lip El Rollo’s on his home turf, and progresses to the six-man final.

His only real competition in the final comes from the only man who could match his performances at Pipe, inventor of Jackstance, Jack Da Ripper, Jack Lindholm and a young blonde up and comer from the Big Island who was turning heads for his lip launching El Rollo’s.

Daniel sticks to his formula, getting the best barrels in the final, and walks away with $1500, a Morey Pro Line boogie board, an O’Niell wetsuit and becomes bodyboardings first ever world champion!

Success and fame are short lived, however. Daniel takes a stand and sues surf magazines and photographers who were using his image without payment.

After a legal battle, Daniel is boycotted by those he had sued. With no avenue to gain exposure and pursue his career, he unfortunately soon disappears out of the early bodyboarding scene.

And Lisa Miller? Well she went on to marry the young up and comer from the Big Island. Guy by the name of Mike Stewart who you might have heard a little about.

*Edit. If your eagle eyed on social media, you might have spotted recent images of Daniel charging a huge outer reef hawaiian reef. Da Boogeyman lives![/norebro_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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