Coach Hardy Downloads Knowledge Into The Matrix.

Coach Hardy Downloads Knowledge Into The Matrix

Some excellent news to come out of the latest ” Leboogie” podcast hosted by Josh Kirkman with Ryan Hardy.

It seems Coach Hardballs is in deep negotiation with Surfing Australia to develop a bodyboarding specific coaching qualification program.

This is very welcome news.

Currently the only coaching accreditation available is stand up surfing specific, which has discouraged many bodyboarders in seeing the value in pursuing the qualification.

This has lead to a derth of active, bodyboard specific coaches in Australia.

To our knowledge, only Hardy and Lily Pollard are currently operating bodyboarding specific coaching services.

When contacted, of the 15 surf schools which operate on the Gold Coast of Queensland, only Surfing Services Australia located at Currumbin Alley offered bodyboard specific coaching.

Surfing Australia’s Nudie juice surfgroms program has had over 60,000 kids take part since it began in 2011. It has reportedly generated 10 million dollars’ worth of revenue for the organization.

Considering these figures, it would seem imperative that the bodyboarding community endeavor to find a way to instigate and develop it’s own junior engagement and development pathways with more qualified coaches and dedicated bodyboarding schools.

As the old model of sponsor and sponsored rider appears to be breaking down, aspiring riders wishing to make a career from bodyboarding could do worse than to look seriously at adding a coaching qualification to their skill set.

Hardy reveals in the podcast that coaching has become his main source of income, enough to support a young family, so it appears to be a viable income stream for passionate riders.

So, If spreading the love of bodyboarding to others while getting paid for it sounds like an appealing prospect, perhaps bodyboard coaching could be a future avenue worth pursuing.

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