What Does Success Look Like?

What Does Success Look Like?

By Dan Dobbin.

It’s can be a strange thing straddling two surfing worlds, each different, and yet at the same time eerily similar.

Glimpses of the Multi-verse theory.

Control and experiment run side by side.

Alternate realities writ large.

As the great surf clothing industry apocalypse seemingly gathers momentum, the cries of rapture and glee from the stand up surfing websites comments section grow louder.

“Please let surfing become uncool and underground” they thunder.

“Please let the scensters and hipsters and wannabies that clog the line-up, that don’t get the culture, that surf, but aren’t surfers move on”.

Goodbye economic raiders, billionaire philanthropists, and former heads of the Oprah network.

An end to the sterile, too corporate WSL version of surfing.

Surfing can once again return to its roots.

Brands and companies will be owned again by surfers.

People will only be surfers because they enjoy surfing, not as part of an identity adopted in pursuit of cultural cool.

Meanwhile, in the bodyboard realm, much talk of how to grow the industry, attract investment from outside investors, introduce new people to the sport.

Praise for the professional way the W.S.L. is run and presented.

Each seems to want what the other has.

Does it have to be a binary choice between one or the other; pizzazz or poverty, corporatization or control, or is there a third way?

Is there an alternative, sustainable model?

Never enough cash for anyone to make it really rich, but enough cash flowing to make a living, at least for the top crew.

The prospect of being paid to surf aspirational enough to attract a consistent uptake of devotes, yet unpopular enough that only those who truly love the pass-time devoted to doing it.

I ask, dear reader, how would you shape the future?

What would you have bodyboarding become?

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