SPAT: Jackstance Vs Dropknee.

Recently, Kainoa McGee took to Instagram to call on for the (re?) adoption of the name Jackstance to be used preferentially over the word Dropknee.

The man who may hold the world record for most waves claimed in history had this to say:

Now, I’ve been a bodyboard for a shade over 30 years, and the only person I’ve ever heard use the term Jackstance with any seriousness was Mason Rose, and Mason always struck me as the kind of guy who would do or say anything in order to be different.

It may be a cultural more common occurrence in Hawaii to use Jackstance, but Dropknee has become the almost universally accepted descriptor for the style of riding Jack invented across the world.

Where do we stop? Does the El Rollo become the Pat-roll? The Air Reverse the Mike-Rev, the Eppo air the…nevermind.

Language is a constantly evolving beast, with meaning and usage almost constantly changing and being reshaped.

Perhaps in the future Kainoa may prove to be a prophet, and Jackstance will once again rule supreme as the lexicon of choice for half up, half down riding.

But for now, for me, I’ll stick with Dropknee.

Unless of course I’m confronted with an irate Mr McGee, then I’ll call it whatever he tells me to call it.

What say you loyal reader? Which proverbial leg will you put forward?

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