Currently the beaches of Spain, Italy Portugal and France are under some form of ban or restricted access, thanks to the unprecedented measures being taken to attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19 in European countries.

In parts of Portugal, gatherings of more than 5 people on the beaches are banned, with their national surfing body issuing a statement urging surfers to not surf.

Spanish and Italian beaches are total no go area’s, with heavy fines and even gaol time for anyone unable to give a justifiable reason for being outside.

In France, police are reportedly clearing surfers out of the line up and issuing fines.

The real stinger? Spain and Portugal look to be pumping in the next few days.

Stories of sneaking onto military bases or risking the shot gun wrath of territorial farmers are part of surfing folklore.

Would you defy the ban for good waves?

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken to have a surf?

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