Boxfest: Day 2.

In between exfoliating sand blasts yesterday afternoon at boxy, I sat with Shane and Millie Chalker shooting the breeze.

Asked for a size prediction for the following day on the predicted 3 metre swell expected to fill in overnight, I confidently repeat the claim I’ve made in previous posts that the Tomaree peninsula would block most of the approaching south swell.

” 3ft, small 4ft max”.

Turns out I’m a shit ex-local.

Crossshore 5ft sets were the order of the day on day two of Boxfest. South wedges that teased a launch ramp on first sight, but seemed to often hold off and feather, making connecting difficult.

Still there were enough barrels and ramps to be had amoungt the rough to keep spectators and competitors happy and entertained.

Rumours filtered through the open competitors area from the judging table that “Eppos are scoring”, alluding to the fact that any air variation would score higher than a standard roll.

Despite this inside information, Team Infoamed faltered, with both Dallas and your author bowing out in the semis.

The twin T-1000’s of the day, Johnny Cruikshank and Silas Ganciar, who powered through both Opens and Masters heats without seeming to skip a beat, faced off against young bucks Kane Brewer and Tobey Ring.

Youth and enthusiasm triumphed over age and treachery, with Brewer, perhaps ironically, scoring an 8.5 for a large looping roll, to take the victory over Ring in second.

Johnny C and Silas G did get some comfort in the Masters final, taking first and second respectively.

Australian bodyboarding legend Matt Riley make a low key special appearance, watching his son Marlon compete in the cadets and pulling on a jersey for a win in the Grand Masters division.

Kaylah Pisani pushed Lily Pollard all the way in the Women’s final, locking in the heats highest score with an 8, but couldn’t find the second score needed to steal the victory off Pollard.

Sam Giddy pipped Llyod Ogded by half a point in a hard fought Juniors final, while Harrison Podvinec showed serious commitment in what must have been intimidating conditions for a one so young to take the W. in the Cadets.

It was split hairs between Ryan Duck and Matt Sullivan who did incredibly well in the tricky conditions in the Dropknee final. Newcastle’s Duck did enough to claim victory in the last ten seconds after Sullivan lead for the majority of the heat.

Big congrats to the crew of Port Stephens District Bodyboarders for putting on such an epic event, and the judging crew for enduring the whipping wind while concentrating for the 9 hours on both days to make it all possible.

By Dan Dobbin.

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