Requested Recollections From The Rock.

Do you have Hawaiian tale to tell?

For the longest time, a trip to Oahu for the Hawaiian winter was a rite of passage for any bodyboarder looking to make their mark on the bodyboarding world.

Tales of sleeping cheek to jowl with 15 other guys, stolen food, and running for your life from the Wolf Pak were all experiences endemic of those who made the pilgrimage over the years.

Despite the threat of infection, starvation, or destruction, young Aussies swarmed like mozzies to the old Sandwich islands every northern hemisphere winter.

Despite being a magazine staple for decades, we’d wager there are countless wild tales out there from you, the largely faceless foot soldiers who, until this point, haven’t had an avenue to share your stories.

We want to hear them. If you have a tale to tell from your time on the rock, send it to

To whet your appetite head on back to the homepage and run your peepers over some of the stories Dion Myers had to share from his Hawaiian holidays.

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