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[vc_row][vc_column][norebro_text]Well, this is INFOAMED.

If you get yourself past the labored pun in the name, you’ll find yourself standing in the gateway of a new space for bodyboarders. A space of independence. A space to delve into and explore issues previously taboo. A space to tell all our stories. A space to contribute, to have an opinion. A space as much for you as for us.

We have careers we love that paying the bills. This isn’t a financial venture. It’s our contribution to trying to bring some energy and interaction back to the pastime that has shaped our lives and remains our passion.

It’s a place for the every day bodyboarder to have their say, tell their tale, offer their insights. Outside of threats of violence or derogatory comments outside the pale, the comment boards are yours to speak as you see fit.

We want to hear your voice. The chance to tell the bodyboarding world what you’ve experienced along the way with Tom Morey’s gift to the world. If you have a story, idea or contribution that you think is important for others to hear, send it in.

We’ll be delving into the history, telling and sometimes re-telling tales from our past, often from a new angle, with a fresh set of eyes, to add some depth or colour to what you think you might have already known.

We’ll look at the big moments in bodyboarding that are part of our collective culture, talk to those who were there, and dig a little deeper to see what can be unearthed.

We’ll keep up to date with the contemporary, offering opinion and analysis of the world tour, the Ranked bodyboarding series and perhaps most importantly, grassroots bodyboarding clubs.

We’ll cover the latest developments in board design, re-examine old designs and maybe imparting some new knowledge about our ever-evolving foam ponies.

But mostly we want to unearth the stories that until now have not had the space to be told.

We want to hear from the everyman, whose experiences and interactions with the ocean are every bit as valid as the guys living the dream chasing waves up and down the coast and overseas on the sponsorship program.

Bodyboarding is such a central part of our lives and identities, that for better or for worse, we’d wager it’s provided you with some pretty unique and incredible experiences.

And we want to hear them.

It will be raw, it will be irreverent, it will be constantly evolving or devolving. We hope you’ll join us, contribute, criticize, commend, and condemn. Because we want it to be your space as much as ours.

Dal and Dan.[/norebro_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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